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  The menu of equipment housing solutions ranges from single-server housing to dedicated, custom-designed private facilities. Fastserv also offers an array of services to help you with first-time installation and ongoing maintenance of your equipment. All Fastserv customers can benefit from a level of standard engineering support that may be enhanced according to requirements - from cable, rack and suite installation to complete turnkey project management and configuration. Each Fastserv data centre is protected against infiltration, fire and power outage to offer high levels of physical and environmental resilience. Fastserv has over 500 contracts with organisations who house their mission-critical infrastructure in our data centres. Selecting Fastserv helps companies to reduce infrastructure costs, increase levels of connectivity and reliability, while releasing your team to focus on core business issues. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Physical Security All Fastserv data centres feature 24x7 security systems. Customers have the protection of security barriers, 24x7x365 monitoring by on-site personnel to include verification of all persons entering the building, CCTV video camera surveillance throughout, and security breach alarms. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Access Access to the buildings, data floors and individual areas are via individually programmed access cards, and visual identification. Whenever you swipe your card tag over the sensors to gain access to the building, your digital photograph is displayed and on-site technicians verify the request before allowing access. Standardised procedures ensure you and your nominated staff can gain access to your equipment whenever you require, day or night. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Power Customers have access to a redundant high-capacity power supply, scalable for future expansion. Power is isolated between customers, and with Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) systems and stand-by diesel generators on site to ensure a resilient location for important infrastructure equipment. Click here to see details on high-density hosting -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fire Detection/Suppression Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus (VESDA) is installed in every facility. These highly sensitive smoke detectors, which are linked to the Building Management System and monitored continually from a network operations centre, provide very early detection to help avoid fire, loss and business disruption. This is coupled with an environmentally-friendly gas-based or water mist fire suppression system to put out fires, with minimal damage to equipment. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Air Conditioning To ensure performance and avoid equipment failure, all data floors are managed such that air entering customers' equipment is maintained at a controlled temperature and relative humidity. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Building Management System (BMS) All Fastserv facilities operate computerised Building Management Systems that monitor and remotely operate sensors covering electrical, mechanical, fire detection and leak detection systems. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Engineering and technical support Experienced on-site technicians are available 24x7 to enable deployment of your systems, or help you address issues from simple tape rotation to complex hardware or software problems.

Contact Information:
Address: Petah-Tikva Petah-Tikva 4959370 Israel
Phone: +972505501404

Last Update: 10/12/2020


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