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Advanced Internet Technologies Reviews

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  ( March 27, 2012 )
Tech support at AIT is exceptional. That's why I have hosted several sites since 1998 and now am on a dedicated server. Een though the hosting chart does not go below 2001. A satistisfied customer I am.


  ( March 07, 2012 )
I have been a customer with AIT for several years throughout many different accounts and sites. I can always rely on prompt service (Johnny White in particular) for responding to my concerns efficiently and quickly.


  ( February 28, 2012 )
I have been a customer of AIT for soooo long that this website does not have that year as an option! They are the best! They are very personable, like a family business. Very reliable and the workers really take pride in their work.


  ( January 18, 2012 )
I've hosted at AIT for 9 years. I couldn't rate AIT more highly. My uptime is very close to 100%. Tech support, as rarely as I've needed it, is quickly available and extremely competent. Bandwidth and other performance factors are excellent.


  ( January 18, 2012 )
Perfect? No. But an overall excellent value, good people, reliable equipment.


  ( September 14, 2011 )
These guys really go out of there way to provide pesonal (and personable service) Its a really nice perk coming from an IT company in this day and age. They've always been my best bet for my needs and competitive in price, no complaints with reliability!


  ( June 06, 2011 )
Good customer service!


  ( May 27, 2011 )
Great tech support, i was very impressed with how reliable they are!


  ( May 20, 2011 )
wonderful experience.


  ( October 12, 2010 )
Great Experience good customer service


  ( June 23, 2010 )
We had to report this company to law enforcement authorities before they stopped improperly billing our credit card. This was the most unreliable, dishonest webhosting company you can imagine -- really just a churn scam -- not a real service provider.


  ( September 29, 2009 )
I will make this short and sweet (and this one os fpr you Michael Roberts) AIT is - there aren't enough words to say bad terrible the worst awful suck I will be moving myself and all my clients elsewhere. STAY AWAY FROM AIT


  ( January 30, 2009 )
As of today my Dedicated Reseller 3 (they advertise as Dedicated I learned it is in fact a shared environment) server with OVER 50 customer sites on it has been DOWN for OVER 24 HRS. Server is frequently down for hours. Customer Service is REALLY bad.


  ( March 12, 2008 )
Worst email problems, sluggish servers, and more excuses you can shake a stick at *IF* you can get anyone to answer the phone. Absolutely pathetic.


  ( August 07, 2007 )
totally awesome!


  ( August 07, 2007 )


  ( January 13, 2007 )
I was a customer of theirs for 7 years but the customer support is now the pits I am in day 5 of am incoming e-mail outage and tech support has no clue so I'M GONE once this problem is fixed.


  ( January 10, 2007 )
I have found them to be courtous and very helpful. The owner of the company actually called me on one occasion when I had a server issue, and had it resolved for me that very same day. I've hosted with other companies and never received that lvl of spt.


  ( August 16, 2006 )
We had too much troubles with AITCOM. Our business lost money because of lack of support from AITCOM. We have been obloged to switch to another host. They tried to keep on billing later we quit ! They should be sued.


  ( July 12, 2006 )
Customer service a joke. Billing problems all the time. Was with them for 3 long years with promises that it would alway get better. Guess what. It never did.

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