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  ( February 03, 2023 )
Glowhost is an excellent all round host!
Any time we have any problems or any need for anything these guys get right on it. They have given us support for every problem in less than an hour and have gone so far our of their way to ensure we are satisfied with their services. Glowhost is an excellent all round host, good value for money and excellent customer support. My site has never encountered slow-down nor has it ever been offline without explanation.


  ( January 24, 2023 )
Love, Love, Love this host!
Love, Love, Love this! It has been very easy and Glowhost got my site up very fast!!! Thank you for your wonderful customer service! Glowhost is one of the best hosting companies there is. Customer service is second to none! Super nice folks and so very helpful, especially if one is a novice at building their site.


  ( January 20, 2023 )
Extremely helpful techs!
I have been a client of Glowhost hosting provider for about 6 months. I do not need support often, but when I do they go above and beyond in providing tech support and offering solutions to resolve the issue. Their techs have been extremely helpful. I highly recommend these guys.


  ( January 13, 2023 )
Network Uptime is perfect!
I've been with glowhost now for around four years. I use basic web hosting, email, MySQL databases, cron jobs. I very much appreciate being able to administer the site via the control panel. Network Uptime has always been in the high 90s.


  ( December 15, 2022 )
Will continue using this host!
Well, Glowhost is a good host, and I've recommended them to several people who now also use them and are impressed with their uptime and website speeds. I had no hesitation in recommending their hosting accounts to my boss for one of our clients through work. Will continue using this host for as long as physically possible. Recommended.


  ( December 06, 2022 )
The response is friendly and useful
Just a short note to say your hosting is excellent and I'm really pleased with it! I have been web designing for years and tried many hosts - but your service is by far and away the best. Whether emailing them at 3pm, 2am in the middle of the night or even on a Sunday, respone and action has been extremely fast, responding within 30 minutes each time, usually though it's less than 15 minutes. The response is friendly and useful, always sorting the issue right away, whatever it is.


  ( November 17, 2022 )
I stumbled across Glowhost web hosting, all I can say is WOW!
I've tried many hosts over the years and to be honest it's been hit and miss in terms of speed and customer service. Then I stumbled across Glowhost web hosting, all I can say is WOW! They have allowed us to expand our business and increase our product portfolio quickly and confidently and their rock-solid platform gives us not only the service we need, but the confidence we require to sell it on to our customers. Well done!


  ( November 15, 2022 )
The features are amazing!
I have only just become a Glowhost hosting customer but what I have seen, seems to be incredible. The features are like amazing and the ftp is great also. This is the best host I have seen in a long time.


  ( November 09, 2022 )
With this hosting provider I have about 100% uptime!
Ordered Linux Enterprise reseller hosting account for $25/mo and I am fully satisfied with Glowhost service. The most important thing for me is uptime. With this hosting provider I have about 100% uptime and that makes me patient and happy. I run portal and need to have it online all the time - everything work fine with this host. Thanks.


  ( October 13, 2022 )
Very reliable.
I've found Glowhost hosting services to be very reliable. I have to particularly recommend their support service, which was speedy and very helpful. I never once felt fobbed off. Where they provided links to information sources, it was always directly relevant to the issue I was having.


  ( October 05, 2022 )
Uptime mostly at 99%
I really appreciate all Glowhost web host help in getting and keeping my sites running. They've been like active partners in my sites. Response time was okay. Uptime mostly at 99%, there maybe some few downtimes but I understand that no providers can actually guarantee a 100%.


  ( September 29, 2022 )
Very good speed hosting!
Glowhost has produced a site that couldn't have suited our requirements better and grasped a firm understanding what we were looking for right from the outset. Amenable, professional and quick to respond to all our requests, plus excellent 'after-sales' service.


  ( September 08, 2022 )
Good customer support and 100% uptime
I know each of Glowhost Techs by name and consider this host to be more than a're good friends that we can count on to help us run our business. I recently received a support survey from a competitor of yours that we used to do business with (until we found you).


  ( August 30, 2022 )
Network and server uptime are perfect
I chose Glowhost on the recommendation of a colleague when I was looking for someone to host my blog. That was a year ago and I have been completely happy with their service, their assistance and their people. I have contacted them a few time for support and they have been very good.


  ( August 17, 2022 )
Enjoy my hosting experience
I am impressed by the great availability of glowhost's 1-click scripts installs and also other useful features like free web site builder, etc. This is a straight-forward, easy to use service company. Tech support is quick and reliable. They always solve the problem and give me advice on how to avoid that issue in the future. All in all, Glowhost is one of the great hosts out there.


  ( August 12, 2022 )
Happy to recommend this hosting service
I will definitely be moving more clients onto your service, and will tell other developers about Glowhost terrific level of service. Thanks for the continued outstanding service. Our customers are amazed at how quickly we respond to their infrastructure needs, and it's all because of the service.


  ( August 11, 2022 )
The host is fast, support is fast
My business started small with Glowhost, but I am certain that its reliability is one of the factors that have made my business bigger. The servers are very fast. Their cPanel is great and easy to use. The way their staffs treat you is amazing. You don't have to look for a better web host with this provider.


  ( August 08, 2022 )
Uptime is good, my site is always up
I've been through a handful of hosts before landing on this one called Glowhost hosting. They are top notch. The network is brilliant, I've not noticed any downtime or connection problems. Price is reasonable. Steady so!


  ( July 02, 2014 )
I am satisfied with GlowHost speed and uptime!
I have been looking for a time-tested web host for my new web site for about 3 weeks. It was not an easy thing to do I must say as there are so many web host in the hosting market claiming they are the best. After reading good reviews on GlowHost and getting to know they had been providing hosting services since 2002, I decided to give them a try. Rock solid control panel, it is complete-useful-easy-to-use control panel. Support tickets are always answered promptly and clarification provided whenever needed. They offer 99.9% uptime guarantee - they are honest on this. My site is up and running. I like their free bonuses such as anti-spam and anti-virus, pre-installed scripts, domain registration, etc. GlowHost could double their price and I would stay with them. Excellent web hosting service would definitely recommend to others.


  ( July 18, 2013 )
Great experience with GlowHost
Been with GlowHost over 7 years. Nothing to complain about. The Support service is noticably fast (minutes) and accurate. They are quick with their responses and seem to be very reliable. The uptime with them is great, I rarely have any downtime, or lag. Well, the features fit my needs perfectly. Sometimes saving a couple bucks a month isn't the best deal. I'm actually paying nearly half what I used to pay my old host and I'm getting much more for my money now. They are extremely knowledgeable and very patient, GlowHost has been outstanding to work with.

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