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  ( September 26, 2014 )
Great response to questions or issues
I searched around for a long time and could not find a better package than what I found with Gigapros. It was by far the cheapest. This has been the most positive hosting experience I have ever had. The customer service is outstanding, the services included is amazing, and the price is unbeatable. I have never incurred any downtime or trouble. They are great! I would recommend them to anyone who needs hosting at a great price, with all add-ons included in that price.

  ( September 19, 2014 )
They are awesome!
Gigapros is my lifesaver, their support is amazingly helpful and so informative, they have been helping me non stop for a over a year, what i love most about them is their quick sufficient reply that always satisfy me, the server is really fast and i never experienced any down time, the price is really helpful. The team works round the clock and will never show frustration no matter how far you push them. I am not a technical-minded person and they have walked me through everything I've needed to make my hosting experience with them a great experience!

  ( September 16, 2014 )
Giga Pros is one of the best!
I have been with Giga Pros for more than 7 months and have loved their hosting and service. It is a tremendous value (I host several sites, corporate and personal) and I have always had prompt, satisfactory answers and solutions. The site has only been down a very minimal time over the last several years, it loads fast and the service is impecable. Best host I've had and I have no plans of switching.

  ( September 11, 2014 )
Gigapros is very good host!
My experiences with Gigapros have been 100 percent positive. I am not a techie and anything beyond publishing with MS Front Page is a mystery to me. The folks at Gigapros answer my questions QUICKLY AND COMPLETELY and fix any problems quickly. Features wise they do offer a lot of features for free and some for pay, the main thing, which I found to be very important for me is the fact that they don't restrict the number of e-mail acc/subdomains/mysql db's/etc - the only restriction in their case is space & bandwidth. I have been very satisfied and will continue to pass the word along others.

  ( September 08, 2014 )
Best host I've ever been with.
I've used a lot of hosts in my years. So far, Gigapros is my favorite. My VPS was up and running within 12 hours. Their support replies within seconds. Best of all, my site is noticeably more responsive. The system itself is rock solid and the software & features are excellent. I am totally impressed with these guys. I just hope they don't grow too large and lose the foundation that is making them so impressive.

  ( September 03, 2014 )
Extremely good service and server uptime.
So far, very much satisfied with the performance of Gigapros servers, features & technical support! I'm really happy with their support, they reply support queries very instantly. They lack in some default features comes with reseller hosting generally, but innovative other features such as global hosted servers is always Plus Plus. Pricing is also, good enough. Keep up the good work!

  ( August 29, 2014 )
Highly recommended
I have used many hosts over the past 10 years, but Gigapros who I have used for the past 9 months has proven the best by far. Their customer support is beyond excellent. They know what they are doing. I would recommend these guys to anyone, either starting out webhosting or for more experienced webmasters. They make the extra effort to be helpful. Very good price, great service.

  ( August 26, 2014 )
Their staffs are all professional and friendly.
Over 7 months there was just one small downtime of 30 minutes. Gigapros customer service has been really good. They answered every question we had to date. They also installed additional software that wasn't even available through cPanel. I have observed the quality of their service and customer care options closely before my move. Their service is easier to use and with minimum issues.

  ( August 21, 2014 )
Gigapros is trustworthy web host
YES. Easy to use control panel. The space and bandwidth Gigapros provided are great and worth the price. All in all I really do like them, you've got a lot of control over your services to suit your needs.

  ( August 18, 2014 )
I like Gigapros web host!
After frustrating and unreliability experiences with other hosting services (including very large, well known hosts), I started a search a few years ago for a hosting provider that people were actually happy with. That's how I found Gigapros. The volume of comments from happy customers led me to call Gigapros. I have referred 3 friends to the service so far and all say activation has been approximately between 30 - 90 minutes. Regardless of the time I open a ticket, someone responds so it seems they have somebody watching out for orders 24/7. Recommended!

  ( August 13, 2014 )
I will strongly recommend Gigapros to anybody
Wonderful services and best and cheapest. I also really loved Gigapros support team. keep the good work. With Gigapros I always get a quick response! I've never had to wait to speak to someone, or to have them return an email. They never hesitated to help and always make things right. Their professionalism is evident from the very first time you contact you have with them. They did the backups and transfers until the old host finally made a good copy that was usable. They spent about a week just to get my sites all moved and running correct. I like my new web host and highly recommend it to other webmasters and webdesigners.

  ( August 08, 2014 )
Gigapros offer great services at great prices.
I started with Gigapros small package. The service was great. My rep then upgraded me for free and assisted me with moving from VPS to my own server. I have grown from 1 website to 30 and still have clients on the way. They have assisted me with even learning how to maintain my own server. With numerous websites hosted, I have had no down time to speak of and if I have any questions or need extra support they are always super quick to respond. Highly recommend.

  ( August 05, 2014 )
My site is running efficiently with Gigapros
I started a search one year ago for a hosting provider that people were actually happy with. That's how I found Gigapros. The volume of comments from happy customers led me to this decent web host. The uptime is very good and I haven't faced any problems yet. Easy to work with the base Webmin system; no weird gotchas. I have used and will continue to use Gigapros for all my business and personal web hosting needs.

  ( July 18, 2014 )
The pricing is great
I signed up for Gigapros because they offer cheap hosting service with a good admin tool and 24/7 support. Their support staff is extremely helpful and I have not experienced any noticeable downtime in the past year. I've never had a problem with billing and my account gets renewed yearly without problem or additional charges. The price is attractive. They even have nice scripting extras and spamassassin. So overall, the hosting has been good. Recommended!

  ( July 15, 2014 )
The service is great
You can trust Gigapros, their hosting is superb. No matter what time of the day (and night): almost always there's the "We're online - chat with us now" button. And their response is quick and always helping, even at 2am in the morning. I really wonder if they ever sleep. I am using a ton of the space provided to me. Great prices and great throughput. Easy admin tools. Haven't had any reliability issues. I have launched several sites there in the last few days and all is well.

  ( July 08, 2014 )
Recommended Host!
When i was a web developer reliable host were rare. Some where good but they would disappear and with others communication seemed to be dirty word. Gigapros impressed me a lot. It offers me the best service and pricing are acceptable. Any problems that I have encountered, the support team worked fast to solve it. There is a good communication between users and host team. Highly recommended.

  ( July 02, 2014 )
I like Gigapros pricing
I have been a Gigapros customer for over a year now, there attention to detail, great customer service & excellent pricing make them the only choice for my web hosting needs. I like their support, always willing to assist me over and over again with even the smallest request. I have not had one day of trouble from this hosting account, and only contact them to help me set up issues with my domain. Their goal seems to be to satisfy customers, not to make it difficult to switch hosting. I am on the php5 plan. Nice prices for their more-than-enough packages.

  ( June 19, 2014 )
Excellent Support
There are truly no words what their support team have done and meant to my business and my passion and dedication to my company. I had a couple of questions during the initial setup, I received very quick and informative responses from the staff at Gigapros. They are customer oriented people and also they know what they do technical wise. I rate them 100% in their support and everything.

  ( June 11, 2014 )
I am totally impressed with these guys
My VPS is up and running within 24 hours. Gigapros support replies within seconds. Best of all, my site is noticeably more responsive. The will always go the extra effort, been with them almost 8 months and never regretted it once. What I want to add is that network and server uptime is quite good. I like this web host and highly recommend.

  ( June 06, 2014 )
Gigapros have good uptime
The server is very stable. For any questions, even the low priorities, they reply to me really fast and very helpful. They even help me solve my website's problems which is far beyond my expectation. I have been with Gigapros for at least 8 months now. Very rarely have I had problems and when I did, they were handled quickly by support tickets. Performance is excellent. I really recommend it to people.

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