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How to Choose a Dedicated Server Provider Wisely

December 15, 2011
by Charnchon Lavitrangsima

Selecting a dedicated server provider is important and you will not want to change too often because this can be hard work. Switching a provider requires moving a huge amount of data and reconstructing all the customizations you have already made. That's really not something you want to be doing.

Define your needs
Build up a list of features that you would like included and contact a web host with your requirements. Try sending the same list of questions to a few web hosts that you've picked and see how they respond. If you need help in managing a server, you should purchase a managed hosting service - a type of dedicated server that a web host manages the server for you.

Test out the Customer Support line
A good dedicated server provider should clearly show their channels of support on their website. All web hosts are offering ticketing support, but being able to contact them by phone is far more important when your server is down. You will definitely need to look for 24/7 operated help line. To test this, try calling the tech support number at unusual time to see if there's an employee answering you without delay.

Read reviews
Find out information about the web hosts you have picked. You can read reviews of these web hosts on, and other websites. Searching on Google for "[company name] reviews" as keywords will also bring up some relevant sites for analysis. However, beware of fake top 10 hosting sites. They are just websites with false reviews trying to promote their paid advertisers. You can also do a search on keywords like "[company name] scam" or "[company name] fraud" to see if there are any problems with web hosts you’ve selected.

Get referrals
Ask your friends on a social network sites like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. They are a good source of information and can certainly provide you with a reliable experience of their own. Some web hosts have Facebook pages and web forums so you can visit these to see what customers are saying about their web hosts.

Pay the right price
Don't pay too much but don't pay too little either. Select a web host who offers a reasonable price. Beware of web hosts that are too cheap and will later charge you for tech support and other minor issues. On the other hand, expensive web hosts charging thousands of dollars may not provide a superior service over those selling at mid-range prices. For a budget of $200 to $300 per month, you should receive a decent dedicated server. If you are requiring a very powerful server, then expect the price to go up, but keep in mind that you can add on some options later. Don't buy something you don't need such as oversized backup space, a fancy firewall, or several terabyte hard disks.

Consider the Server location
By selecting a dedicated server located in the country where the majority of your website visitors are, you can ensure that your viewers can swiftly access your website through the shortest route available.

There may seem to be many things to consider, but putting some time and effort in now, it can save you a lot of hassle and headaches later.

About Author
Charnchon is an Internet entrepreneur. He has 14+ years of experience in web hosting industry.

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