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  ( October 17, 2022 )
Great customer service and support!
The OS images used by NetShop ISP Malta VPS hosting provider are all properly configured, and I can confirm that the 64 bit CentOS image will install WHM/cPanel no problem out of the box. Great customer service and support! Highly recommend their virtual private server hosting to others.


  ( October 03, 2022 )
Support is available and helpful!
Some sites also do stuff like make you advertise them even if you pay or not listen to suggestions and never communicate or anything. NetShop ISP VPS hosting is really professional. Support is available during the day light hours and provides a perfect opportunity to get some first hand information and assistance from a friendly voice always ready to help.


  ( September 29, 2022 )
Greatly Recommended!
The support is very friendly and they answer quickly. There is no denying the fact that ssd hosting is much faster than regular one - that's why I decided to choose cPanel hosting in Cyprus. Greatly Recommended!


  ( September 12, 2022 )
Thanks for the great work so far and keep it up.
It is absolutely refreshing to know that we have a contact at NetShop ISP who has taken the trouble to understand our business, who corresponds in a professional and timely manner, and ultimately makes NetShop ISP web host easy to do business with. Recommended web host!


  ( August 30, 2022 )
Great reliable webhost!
I'm happy with NetShop ISP dedicated server hosting service in Cyprus. I do not know how those guys keep the prices so low for the level of support they provide. Many thanks for there great service and good support.


  ( August 26, 2022 )
Excellent value, features, reliability!
I will continually recommend these folks to anyone who inquires about starting a website! VPS hosting services are soooo nice! I've got a great service and great customer service. Who could want anything else when they can have it all at hosting service? Don't ever change the way you are!


  ( August 23, 2022 )
Super good hosting for Wordpress
I would like to say that I am glad to have found NetShop ISP cPanel web hosting in Cyprus. Think that my review will be useful for other webmasters looking for reliable host. Was impressed by their Network uptime. Support team helped me update my sites from the PHP version 5.2 to the latest stable build. This has fixed a huge issue I’ve been having with my testing sites and really made a difference for me.


  ( August 08, 2022 )
Perfect Hosting with good support!
Great web host. The hardware is amazing and I didn't personally experience any downtime, except for the couple of times I had to reboot the system after installing extra software (using service's cPanel management panel). They have lots of extra hardware, software and support options for their root servers (at extra cost of course).

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