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  ( December 14, 2018 )
They are the best.
I am relatively new to this host. They are, quite simply, the best. All questions are thoroughly answered by knowledgeable professionals and, believe it or not, they get back to you when they say they will.


  ( December 07, 2018 )
Honestly! I have never seen such efficiency in all my life!
Honestly! I have never seen such efficiency in all my life! These blokes are brilliant and can't be bettered in any sphere. Although it was a user error on my part, they still sorted it out for me in no time! I appreciate your help and service.


  ( November 30, 2018 )
Their help is always online.
Bought new computer. Had to call them for assistance and it was awesome to get a live person. Normally you can't get that with other services. This host is there when you need them.


  ( November 23, 2018 )
Great staff.
Every time I called them they were polite and knowledgeable. Great staff and I could understand what they were saying.


  ( November 15, 2018 )
Solid company with stable servers.
I recently had to call Technical Support for help with my website as it was not appearing properly. They were patient, polite, cordial, and extraordinarily helpful. Solid company with stable servers.


  ( November 09, 2018 )
You cannot find a more reliable host!
You cannot find a more reliable host! I have not experienced a minute of noticeable downtime. I highly recommend them, they are top!


  ( October 26, 2018 )
They are the best in this realm!
Planethoster provides an exceptional quality service and features at an economical price. I’m a recently new costumer of Planethoster and is totally satisfied with my package and hosts. They are really a great provider which solves any issues which may happen. Highly recommend them to use!!! They are the best in this realm!


  ( October 22, 2018 )
Fabulous host with stable servers.
I dare say that Planethoster hosting is great and beyond praise. And their pricing policy is simple and flexible. Support is on-line for 24 hours. Fabulous host with stable servers.


  ( October 19, 2018 )
Without a doubt, this service is affordable.
PlanetHoster is the most amazing website hosting platform that is available for you to use! Without a doubt, this service is affordable. The efficiency from this site host is magnificent. Highly recommended!


  ( October 17, 2018 )
Transfer was quick and painless.
Transfer was quick and painless. Their tech staff helped me much in fixing a lot of my issues and they are always patient and polite.


  ( October 12, 2018 )
Good and perfect company.
Good and perfect company. Their customer call center is good, and never had to wait more than a minute for someone to answer. Tech support always helpful and can solve my problems. They have really cheap prices and offer a lot of features for their low price.


  ( October 05, 2018 )
Reliable and trustworthy.
My business has been hosting with them for a long time now and their services haven’t changed with constant reliability, support and consistent pricing.


  ( September 28, 2018 )
My website is constantly up.
My website is constantly up, I've never had any issues with service. FTP and everything else works great, have 5 accounts used with no problems, account creation to usability takes up to 5 min. Webmail works flawlessly too, overall 'm very satisfied with them.


  ( September 21, 2018 )
Keep up the good work!
Good service with the cheap price, the excellent support is provided by this company. Keep up the good work! Like you, buddies.


  ( September 14, 2018 )
Amazing tech support!
Amazing tech support! They have quick and professional responds with knowledge to depend on, unlike other support. They are very polite when asked for help and fixing any issues for me immediately.


  ( August 22, 2018 )
Reliable and trustworthy hosting provider.
They are always reliable and never wait long at all for an answer and resolution. Thanks!


  ( August 21, 2018 )
Their service has been topnotch.
Their service has been topnotch. The chat support feature is really an advantage for me and is a lot quicker than conventional support methods.


  ( August 17, 2018 )
Good and reliable.
Their support is good, plans are fairly priced. My experience with them has been good so far.


  ( August 15, 2018 )
Help is second ot none.
I just started with this host so I immediately wanted some help in order to configure my ftp and upload. They helped me immediately and everything worked out as they told me. So far, so good. I will be letting you know after a while is everything works.


  ( August 09, 2018 )
Perfect and reliable.
My query was resolved straightaway, happy with the level of service received. This hosting provider is perfect and reliable for me.

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