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  ( June 21, 2023 )
Good New York server hosting
I had my site with GTHost New York server hosting for about 3 months. My sites get about 300GB of traffic each day. Thanks to the easy to use tools provided by GTHost team as well as the features that they offer. I went for the annual business option, and I got started within minutes of purchasing the plan. The Speed of the blog is very good. Recommended.


  ( June 19, 2023 )
Everything works well.
GTHost is a nice web host. They always know what I'm talking about (I'm highly technical myself). They are really the most friendly hosting provider I have ever worked with. The team always ready to support by 24x7x365 - a great plus for them, highly recommended. As for their Dallas, USA server speeds, they are standard. Everything works well.


  ( June 16, 2023 )
Cool hosting experience with this provider!
I'd recommend GTHost to anyone! My only regret is that I didn’t come across them sooner! I am looking forward to a long-established relationship with GTHost hosting business. I like their support, where you can talk to their support team on MSN, but they aren't on 24/7 which would be better. Super nice and helpful customer service.


  ( June 14, 2023 )
They are always willing to take that extra step.
The service has been great, but the customer service is what sets them apart from hosting providers I've used in the past. I must admit, the guys over at GTHost seemed to do everything in their power that they could to get the situation resolved. They are always willing to take that extra step.


  ( June 09, 2023 )
GTHost hosting is professional.
The fact is that GTHost has some of the best customer support I've ever encountered. They are honest, fast and their professionalism goes outside the bounds. Special requests have always come through quickly and gracefully. Just contact them and they will find the best hosting fit for your needs.


  ( June 06, 2023 )
You can trust GTHost service, dudes.
The best host I've ever experienced by a long way. Recommended. I have used their technical support many times. I love the add-on open-source scripts! They have a very large selection of scripts to choose from. You can trust GTHost service, dudes.


  ( May 25, 2023 )
GTHost has a great service.
My expectations were simple – good service and timely support. I must confess after being let down on three prior occasions I had little hope that GTHost would be any different. But from the beginning things were very different. From the special attention I received during the initial transition, to the ”only client” feeling I get on the occasional support call, working with their team is like shopping at Nike.


  ( May 23, 2023 )
Setup of site brilliantly easy.
I've moved two of my domains with GTHost service already. They have an incredibly helpful support system, answering your ticket within 24 hours. They have been reliable and everything you could ask for in a host. I only needed to contact support (live on MSN) on those special occasions to ask what was happening. First rate provider. Setup of site brilliantly easy.


  ( May 16, 2023 )
Low prices and reliable service!
This is a great website. It's easy to use and GTHost tech customer support is the best I've ever seen. It's almost like walking right up to the owner and asking them for help. The support staff were so kind, and even transferred my existing Dedicated Server at no charge. The pricing is cool.


  ( May 11, 2023 )
support is usually quick to respond.
The overall price to value ratio is hard to beat. Just ping their domain and compare with some others. GTHost Dedicated Server reliability has been very good. There have been a few occurrences of downtime, but they were brief (at least on our server) and support is usually quick to respond.


  ( April 26, 2023 )
The support is TOP.
I'm really happy with GTHost dedicated hosting. The support is TOP, the IT-guy added me on Skype so he could help me better and answer my questions, I was really happy with this. He helped me a lot, so a big thanks goes to him! The network is brilliant, I've not noticed any downtime or connection problems.


  ( April 24, 2023 )
Reliable server hosting.
My sites are running fast and efficiently - I am happy. So I would have to recommend GTHost server hosting, highly, based on my experience thus far. It makes a pleasant change to receive the sort of help you get from this provider. This decent host also offers excellent value for money with lost of great features for what I consider a very reasonable price.


  ( April 18, 2023 )
Thumbs up!
The customer service is friendly and has always been great. I have wanted a few things changed with my account and they have all been done within minutes of me asking (upgrading and downgrading packages). Up-to-date php configuraation, regularly updated MySQL version, and best of all, superb customer service. GTHost also provides Backups daily - Thumbs up!


  ( April 11, 2023 )
Good range of price plans.
I was looking for the highest-rated web host with the largest number of positive comments and feedbacks. GTHost is an excellent web host, easy to set up fast and through help and support service. Good range of price plans. No problems so far.


  ( March 27, 2023 )
The server speed is second to none.
I found GTHost after days of reading reviews about hundreds of hosting services. Now I have a site there for five months. So far i haven't noticed any downtime. I guess there should be but it was so small i didn`t notice it. The server speed is second to none.


  ( March 24, 2023 )
The support tickets answered super quickly!
I have to highly recommend GTHost for their excellent customer service and the technical expertise. This host has been simply a pleasure to deal with as I know anyone who needs help appreciates the relief one feels when they can readily contact them. The support tickets answered super quickly!


  ( March 20, 2023 )
GTHost service is amazing
I recommend GTHost hosting services. When I needed support it was always available and always solved the problem (for no extra cost), even when it was my fault! GTHost service is amazing, I must say. You will not do wrong if you give them a try.


  ( March 14, 2023 )
Awesome Hosting Provider.
The claim that the support is the fastest in the world might well be true. I now see why GTHost is #1 in instant server hosting. MSN Support is available during the day light hours and provides a perfect opportunity to get some first hand information and assistance from a friendly voice always ready to help.


  ( February 24, 2023 )
Excellent support and service.
After recently needing to purchase hosting again, I've returned to find that despite the fact that it seems the company has grown a lot (and deservingly so), the excellent support and service remains the same. It's not often that I actually feel compelled to write a good review, but considering the hosting market is generally dominated by awful businesses right now, I feel that decent, honest businesses like should get all the recognition they deserve.


  ( February 22, 2023 )
Very cheap, recommended!
I've been rather inert in actually getting my site back online in a fully functional capacity, my dealings with has been top notch, and I have been very pleased with fast, personable, and affordable service. I'll not be leaving GTHost in the foreseeable future.

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